Goal: To open our doors during 2017!

What We Believe

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire children, connect families, and build community through exploration, learning, and play.


Vision Statement:

The Western Maine Play Museum envisions a community that is engaged and empowered because it nurtures the potential of all children as well as the families who support them.



#1: Play is the foundation of learning.  It’s through play that children begin to understand themselves and the world around them.  WMPM respects and celebrates this developmental need by creating stimulating experiences and environments that are interactive, engaging, and fun.

#2: Children are individuals with differing abilities, interests, and needs at each stage of their development. Western Maine Play Museum is committed to respecting individual needs by varying its offerings, while making its space and exhibits as inclusive as possible for children of all abilities and economic backgrounds

#3: Understanding that the greater world contains uncertainty and struggle, Western Maine Play Museum seeks to be a safe place where children and adults are encouraged to explore new concepts, share of themselves, and trust in one another.

#4: Staying fresh and relevant is important to the sustainability of any enterprise, especially one that relies on repeat business. Western Maine Play Museum understands this and wants its customers to enjoy their experience each and every time they come, with innovative exhibits that rotate regularly. Ultimately, it hopes to become the most forward-thinking and progressive children's museum in the state.

#5:  No school, business, or civic group can thrive without a solid connection to the community in which it exists.  WMPM promises to be a fiscally and socially responsible member of the Western Maine community or in order to gain and continue to deserve the support it needs to be successful.

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