If you're from Carrabassett Valley, you have.  He's the guy who helped incorporate the town back in the 1970s, who helped Sugarloaf become the resort destination it is today, and who has made Maine Huts and Trails into a reality.  Now he's helping WMPM become a reality, too, by sharing his encouragement and words of wisdom on how to make things happen.  In a recent letter to us, he gave us the following advice: 

"The bigger the vision and the more important the opportunity the greater will be your potential for success. If you don’t aim high enough those looking to support great things may not see the value in your enterprise.  Shoot for the moon with a logical, sensible, practical plan that is hard to refute . . ..  Do great works. Don’t ever give up. And tell your story wherever anyone will listen. Don’t ever get disappointed – every rejection is a learning experience in how to do it better. Build on success and phase your development. If you create a 10 year plan and accomplish it all in the half time, great – if it takes twice the time for legitimate reason that’s fine too – but have a plan to measure against."  

Well, it sounds like we're on the right track. It's certainly a worthy cause and definitely a lofty goal, but maybe that's what makes it do-able instead of the other way around.  Something to think about.

AuthorWMPM Web Admin