COVID Response Info:

In order to reopen safely within the guidelines for children’s museums we now are only open with advance online ticketing. We are welcoming up to nine visitors per day, Wednesday through Saturday for a three hour block from 10am-1pm. This allows us ample time to disinfect the exhibits daily. We are using the Force of Nature cleaning system along with disinfecting wipes to clean daily. In addition, we have invested in high density MERV air filters, and run our system continually during open hours to ensure that the air is filtered constantly. All visitors five years old and up are required to wear a face mask. Children aged two and up are encouraged to wear one as well. Upon purchasing tickets, our guests are asked to submit contact information incase we need to perform contact tracing. While playing, we ask that parties who did not come together please play at separate exhibits. To purchase tickets please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you host birthday parties?

A: Not right now. We have had a lot of fun with birthday parties in the past, however in the current climate we are not able to host them at this time. Please check back at a later date!

Who needs a ticket?

A: Everyone 12 months and over needs a $7 ticket. We also have memberships that are a great value! Membership info can be found here and tickets can be purchased here.

Will you make a donation to my cause?

A: We will often make a donation of gift passes to child-related causes. Please email, or contact us though one of the contact forms on this site to inquire about donations.

Do you host field trips?

A: Yes! Please email, or contact us through a contact form on this website to inquire about dates and costs.

Can I cancel or reschedule my reserved tickets?

A: Yes. We ask that you give as much time in advance as possible to reschedule your tickets. Because of the extremely limited amount of tickets available daily,  tickets that are cancelled the day of your visit will not be refunded, so please plan ahead. Call the museum, or send an email to to reschedule. If you are a member who needs to cancel a reservation please do so ASAP to free up that space for other visitors. With ticket income very limited, helping with timely cancellations is very appreciated!

Are there tickets available for  this date or that date?

A: Looking for ticket availability on a specific day? By clicking on our ticket link, you can find your day on the calendar and add tickets to your cart. If it will not let you add tickets, that means that there are no more available for that day. Simply choose another day and try again!

Our Focus

Happy environment

WMPM is a place where children are welcomed and validated in their learning and play. Despite the greater world’s uncertainty and struggle, WMPM seeks to be a safe place where children and adults are encouraged to explore new concepts, share of themselves, and trust in one another

Active learning

Play is the foundation of learning. Through play, children begin to understand themselves and the world around them. WMPM respects and celebrates this developmental need by creating stimulating experiences and environments that are interactive, engaging, and fun.


WMPM will offer regular, focused learning opportunities on a wide variety of subjects, led by both the staff and community volunteers. These experiences will aim to provide information and exploration to engage children in a variety of ways that are stimulating and fun.


Children learn and remember best by doing, and by directly interacting with their environment. All children have different abilities, interests, and needs at each developmental stage, and WMPM is committed to providing every child with interesting and engaging hands-on interactive experiences to enhance their learning through play.